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Related article: pulsed with such loss that he promptly withdrew and com- menced to entrench." No suspicion was entertained by the Confederates that the army which they had easily routed in the morning would assume the initiative before the day closed. At that stage of the war Sheridan had begun to get his troops into the best possible condition both as regarded horses and men. His numbers also were nearly double those of his adversary, and were much better found in every respect. Sending round two bodies of cavalry to get behind each flank of Early's army, Sheri- dan attacked at once in nront and rear, re- taking all the guns that had been lost in the morning and capturing twenty-four pieces of field artillery into the bargain. So popular was the victory in the North that thenceforward Sheri- dan became the darling hero of the great cities on the Atlantic sea coast. Many a poet and many a Zenegra 100mg romance writer selected •* Sheridan and Winchester " for their favourite subjects. Sculptors and painters delineated both man and horse in marble and on canvas, and when towards the close of his career General Grant was over- taken by pecuniary misfortune, he voluntarily made over to his creditors all his real and personal property, with the single excep- tion of Buchanan Read's spirited painting of " Sheridan's Ride,'* a gift presented to him by the best cavalry commander that the Zenegra 100 Mg Fed- eral Armies ever sent to the battle-field. In 1876, the death of the famous steed Winchester elicited from his grateful owner a few- additional remarks about him. ** He was," wrote the General, '* of Black Hawk stock, and was foaled near Grand Rapids in the State of Michigan. He was brought into the army by one of the officers of the Second Michigan Cavalry, of which regiment I was Colonel in 1862. At the begin- ning of that year, while my regi- ment was stationed at Rienzi, in the State of Mississippi, this noble charger was presented to me by the officers of the regiment. At that time he was rising four years old. He stood over 17 hands in height and was powerfully built, with a deep chest, strong shoulders, a broad forehead, and a most in- telligent eye. In his prime he was one of the strongest horses I have ever known, very active, and the fastest walker in the army, so far as my experience goes. I rode him constantly, from 1862 to the close of the war, in all the raids, actions, and campaigns in which I took part. Cheap Zenegra His staying powers were superb. He always held his head high, and by the quickness of his move- ments gave many persons the im- pression that he was exceedingly impetuous. This was far from being the case, for I could at any time control him by a few sooth- ing words and a firm hand. More- over, he was as cool and quiet under fire as one of my Zenegra Uk oldest soldiers. I doubt if Zenegra Online his superior as a horse for field service was ever ridden." After ample experience of active hostilities extending over many years, I have long ago come to the conclusion that during the last two years of the American Civil War there was never yet an army so superbly mounted as the two forces commanded by General Grant in Virginia and by General Sherman in Tennessee and Georgia. During the first two years of the war the Southerners were better mounted than their enemy, not to mention that they were infinitely superior to them as horsemen. No small portion of the remounts which re- 184 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [Septembrr placed and made good the enor- mous losses inflicted by war on so prodigious a scale in the cavalry, artillery, and commis- sariat departments of the Northern army were drawn from Zenegra 50 Canada, which is richly provided with horses of the general utility stamp which can be purchased at prices considerably less than their con- geners in Europe command. Ex- perienced eye-witnesses who had seen war in the Old World re- ported that the two victorious armies commanded respectively by Grant and Sherman contained not a single sorry steed, not a single mean and shabby mule, as they marched through Washing- ton for two successive days on the conclusion of the American struggle in 1865. In Sutherland. By John Bickerdyke. This wild moorlajid country is a veritable land of lochs — some merely hollows in the peat bogs, others glorious wind-swept sheets of water swarming with free rising little brown trout, and set amid the most romantic surroundings. The sea-coast is indented by great arms of the sea, leading the salt water often four or five miles in- land, these inlets alternating with large bays more expansive, and studded with rocky islets on which sea birds nest. We are within an hour's hard row of the open sea, but fifty yards from the inn-door is a rocky shelf wherefrom we can take our morning plunge into the clear water which is tempered Buy Zenegra by the influence of the Gulf Stream. By the side of the inn a peat- stained salmon river runs into the loch, but it is low and the fish are waiting at its mouth. Every now and again there is a swirl and a great splash as a leaping salmon, endeavouring possibly to free itself from parasites, shoots into the air and falls back into the water. Zenegra 100 Lesser commotions indi- cate the presence of sea- trout. Just here the country, though possess- ing the indefinable charm of nature unadorned, cannot be de- scribed as grand, for at some far distant period of history, or rather previous to any history whatever, a great glacier, if we are to believe geologists, passed over this por- tion of the land, and roimded off and smoothed the tops of those great hills of conglomerate as if they were so much wax. During a fine Scotch breakfast which commences with porridge, is continued with sea-trout and broiled slices of Highland mutton, and ends with triangular oat cakes and marmalade, we discuss our movements for the day, our only difficulty being the great choice of good things which the place affords. Up on the moorlands there are a number of lochs. In